CSE Vision – Part 4

New Card Design

Thanks to the lockdown due to COVID-19, I managed to perform a much-needed upgrade to the CSE Vision application. I have now fully migrated the system to Python using the Django framework.

This should make it easier to add the newer features that I will hopefully be adding soon (integrating the app with data from ITS for one) as well as allowing for easier more streamlined project development. It’s of course always an advantage to just learn a new, relevant skill. You never know when it might give you access to great new opportunities.

The first major change I have made is the ability to search for a lecturer on the home page. This works using AJAX which thankfully was not too difficult to implement although it understandably took me longer to do than it would have in PHP (which is what I was using previously). The lecturer cards have also been completely redesigned. Take a look at it in action here:

You’ll notice the lecturer cards now also have two buttons added. One will send an email to the lecturer and the other will allow you to favourite a lecturer so that when you log in, you only see the lecturers that you care about. Oh and of course it is now fully responsive and should look good on most displays.

So yeah, in terms of general aesthetics I think it’s looking much better now. Now comes the hard work of integrating the app with all the user data.


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